QHRI Subscription Documents

  • 25 MN KW/HR

    Total power generated (4Q22)

  • 1.7 BCM

    Gas and CNG distribution (4Q22)

  • 61

    Filling Stations

To keep pace with projected economic growth and provide much needed energy capacity in the region, Qalaa Holdings has invested in energy as one of our core industries. Our integrated investments along the value chain — upstream, midstream and downstream — including refining, energy distribution, power generation and renewables, provide solutions that truly tackle the energy problems that the region faces today.

We have constructed a greenfield refinery with 4.7 million tons capacity of refined products per year, including 2.3 million tons of Euro V diesel representing more than 30%-40% of Egypt’s current imports and 600,000 tons of jet fuel.

Our power projects range in nature from large-scale generation to on-sell into the state grid, independent power plants and captive plants for large-scale developments, industrial zones, and large factories.
We have provided operation & maintenance services and gas connections to more than 1,000,000 Egyptian households, a figure that represents more than 16% of the total connections in Egypt and solidifies our position as the country’s largest private sector gas distributor.

In the alternative energy sector, we are converting agricultural and municipal waste into fuel for industry as well as compost and animal fodder. We have also recently expanded into the solar energy and water treatment solutions segments.

  • TAQA Arabia is Egypt’s largest private sector energy distribution company with more than 20 years’ experience investing and operating energy infrastructure including gas transmission and distribution, power generation and distribution and marketing of petroleum products. TAQA Arabia provides services through four arms: gas distribution (residential, commercial and industrial), electricity distribution and generation, and fuels and lubricants marketing.

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  • ERC is a state-of-the-art USD 4.3 billion greenfield petroleum refinery and Egypt’s largest PPP infrastructure megaproject. ERC is converting lowest value fuel oil into middle and light distillates that are meeting domestic consumption needs and eliminating 186,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 96,000 tons of sulfur annually, or c.29% of Egypt’s present-day total, and improving the quality of the national petrol supply. ...

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  • Tawazon is a regional pioneer in the solid waste management industry. By converting agricultural and municipal waste into alternative fuels for industry and other useful products including compost and animal fodder, Tawazon helps nations solve their solid waste challenges. ...

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  • Qalaa Showcases Egyptian Refining Company at Davos

    Qalaa Holdings was represented in Davos by Chairman and Founder Ahmed Heikal, Co-Founder and Managing Director Hisham El-Khazindar and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer Ghada Hammouda who joined heads of state and global CEOs at the 2019 World Economic Forum
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  • Qalaa Holdings showcases the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) progress to shareholders

    Qalaa Holdings held an exclusive visit for shareholders to the mega project
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  • ERC Showcases its Community Development Programs, Celebrates Reaching 53 Mostakbaly Scholarships for Students

    Qalaa Holdings subsidiary the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) awards scholarships to 23 students this year to open doors for those pursuing higher education and press on with its commitment to improving the quality of education throughout the country.
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  • Qalaa Holdings Chairman Ahmed Heikal Presents Landmark ERC Case Study at Africa Investment Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa

    Qalaa Holdings Chairman and Founder Ahmed Heikal showcases US$ 4.3 bn greenfield refinery as a successful example of a private sector-led infrastructure mega-project that will provide a domestic substitute for c. 40% of Egypt’s diesel imports
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  • Qalaa Holdings Supports the Building of Cultural Bridges and Connections to Open New Opportunities for Dialogue, Collaboration, Investment and IntraTrade Within Africa

    For the third consecutive year, Qalaa Holdings is the proud sponsor of the “Best Short Film Award” and “the Forum on African Development” at the 7th annual Luxor African Film Festival, an annual event that puts the spotlight on some of the continent’s top filmmaking talent for one week of dialogue and collaboration transforming talent in the film industry in one of the world’s top tourist destinations
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