Qalaa Holdings

Citadel Capital is changing to Qalaa Holdings

After a successful decade-long run as Africa’s largest private equity firm, Citadel Capital is transforming into an investment holding company with a focus on infrastructure and industry.

As part of this transformation and in recognition of the close of our recent capital increase to EGP 8 bn via an EGP 3.64 bn share issuance, we are rebranding. Over the coming period, we are rolling out a slightly modified corporate logo, and our trade name in all materials will become Qalaa Holdings. The word "Qalaa" is a transliteration of the Arabic word القلعة.

The subtle shift in our English name to "Qalaa" from "Citadel" speaks to our fundamental confidence in the prospects across our footprint in Egypt and Africa.

At the present time, the firm's registered legal name as noted in its Egyptian Commercial Registration and other legal documentation remains temporarily unchanged: (القلعة للإستشارات المالية ش.م.م ) (Citadel Capital S.A.E.).

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