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Uniboard is a strategic Greenfield investment providing a vertical integration to the rest of the Group. It capitalizes on recycled wastepaper as one of the main raw materials in the production of duplex boards. With an annual production capacity of 135,000 tons, Uniboard supplies the majority of the annual market demand for duplex boards, which currently stands at 200,000 tons. The remainder of the market demand is supplied by a local competitor that is able to supply 25,000 tons annually with the deficit being met through exports.

Uniboard also plays an integral role in National Printing’s supply chain, as a supplier of raw materials (primarily manufactured duplex) to Shorouk. Access to a secure supply of locally manufactured raw material has significantly minimized Shorouk’s foreign currency risk and maximized its profitability. In addition to local sales, Uniboard is able to export small volumes of its products to China and Turkey.




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