• 7,768


    Shorouk Total Volumes Sold (1Q21)

  • 33,984


    Duplex Board Volumes Sold (1Q21)

  • 7,174


    Baddar Boxes Volumes Sold (1Q21)

As the founder of National Printing Company, one of Egypt’s largest producers of packaging and printing products, Qalaa Holdings is building capacity and accelerating its exposure to a promising new sector with investments of more than USD 60 million to date.

National Printing Company was originally established in 2006 under Qalaa’s mid-cap investments company, “Grandview.” Since then, it has worked to expand its product range with the strategic acquisitions of Shorouk for Modern Printing and Packaging in 2006, and El Baddar for Packages in 2007. The two back-to-back acquisitions allowed the company to immediately start producing corrugated cartons and various types of boxes as part of its product range. The company also owns 46.4% of Uniboard, an environmentally sustainable subsidiary of Shorouk that produces duplex boards using waste paper.

National Printing Company is c.53% owned by Grandview, which is subsequently 48% owned by Qalaa Holdings. QH began consolidating Grandview in 1Q18 as a result of the company’s strong financial position and impressive operational expansion.

  • Shorouk operates three main production lines for laminating, cutting, folding, gluing and printing. Its current production capacity is around 50 thousand tons per annum broken down between folded boxes (50%), laminated packages (40%), and books (10%). Revenue is mainly generated from large multinationals in the consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and paper sectors...

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  • Baddar develops corrugated sheets and boxes that are widely used for shipping, particularly in the food industry. Baddar products are renowned in the market for their strength, durability, lightness, recyclability and cost-efficiency. Approximately half of the company’s top line revenue is driven by the food and beverage industry....

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  • Uniboard is a strategic Greenfield project that aims to capitalize on domestic waste paper as one of the main raw materials in the production of duplex boards. The company has a nominal manufacturing capacity of 135,000 tons per annum and operates in a market with estimated annual demand of c.200,000 tons per annum. ...

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