Nile Logistics, Qalaa Holdings’ platform in the logistics, river transport and port management sector, offers a variety of transportation and logistical services using the Nile River as a backbone for transport and linking producers, exporters and importers to global and local markets. Nile Logistics is home to four complementary companies: Nile Cargo, National River Ports Management Company (NRPMC), NRTC Keer Marine and Ostool Trucking Company. With this well-developed portfolio of services, Nile Logistics provides a door-to-door service for industrial and agricultural clients in Egypt and South Sudan.

  • Nile Cargo (NC): Owns and operates a barge fleet that covers river transport routes from Alexandria and Damietta to Aswan. The company also runs stevedoring (loading / offloading) activities in seaports.
  • National River Ports Management Company (NRPMC): Owns and operates river ports in Egypt that cover the entire length of the Nile. Services offered are primarily stevedoring and warehousing.
  • Nile Barges for River Transport: Located in South Sudan, operates a fleet of barges between the north and south of the country.

In addition, the company owns a minority stake of c. 28% in Ostool Trucking Company (Egypt), which complements the logistical play of NC and NRPMC.

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