Qalaa Holdings has always pursued transformative investments that will act as engines of growth in Africa and the Middle East. Our investments create jobs and help make economies more efficient, more sustainable and more globally competitive.

As a leading African investment company, we build businesses in core industries that are key to our region's future, including: energy, cement, agrifoods, transportation and mining. The 15,161 employees in our subsidiaries work each day to deliver energy to consumers and businesses, to grow and manufacture safe, healthy food; to provide reliable, fuel efficient transportation solutions; to add value to natural resources and to help build critical national infrastructure.

Innovation, value creation and sustainability are key with all our investments, which ultimately aim to make a lasting impact on the communities in which we do business. In addition to looking for financial returns commensurate with risks, we are also looking to make a targeted, positive and measurable impact on the communities and the environment in which we operate.

Our Philosophy

"At Qalaa Holdings, we firmly believe that we have a duty to leave the communities in which we do business better than we found them. We place special emphasis on the necessity of education and preserving the environment as the keystones for a sustainable future for generations to come." - Ahmed Heikal

The Double Bottom Line

“The Double Bottom Line” is a term coined to measure a company’s success based on both positive social impact and financial performance. At Qalaa Holdings, the double bottom line is taken into consideration with every investment decision.

Building on our heritage as an African leader in private equity, Qalaa Holdings’ themes remain grounded in the continent's promising demographics and the harnessing of natural resource wealth. Ensuring that the African growth story is sustainable demands that we be accountable for positive change.

Today, as we transform our business model from a private equity firm to an investment holding company, we have even more opportunity to make a positive impact because of the longer-term nature of our investments. 

The focus of our CSR initiatives remains firmly grounded on six pillars: education, human capital development, vocational training, community engagement, environmental sustainability and community development.

Sustainable Investments in Strategic Sectors 

  • Energy

    Our energy investments provide solutions that truly tackle the energy problems that the region faces today. TAQA Arabia, our energy distribution subsidiary has provided gas connections to over 800,000 Egyptian households. The company also seeks to make a positive contribution on a broader level by waiving fees for the delivery of gas to impoverished residential customers.


    Our companies in the cement sector produce high-quality building materials that meet international environmental standards. Our subsidiary ASEC Cement also contributes to the development of communities around its plants in Egypt and Algeria.


    Our investments in agrifoods include multiple solutions that provide safe, healthy and affordable food while tackling the issue of rising populations. In Sudan, our agriculture subsidiary, Wafra, has developed a business model that is sustainable and profitable for both the company and local communities. In addition to the ongoing transfer of knowledge, Wafra works to rehabilitate schools and healthcare facilities in local villages.


    Our investments in railway and river transport provide affordable and reliable solutions that can become engines of national and regional growth. RVR also provides vocational training and health and safety awareness for local communities in Kenya.


    Our investments in the mining sector focus on the production of value-added products rather than pure extraction and export. Our mining subsidiary, GlassRock, is playing an important role in the conservation of energy through its production of environmentally friendly insulation materials (glasswool and rockwool) that are a key component of greener buildings.

Fast Facts About Our Responsible Investments

  • education


    151 and counting

    scholarships for graduate studies abroad awarded by the Qalaa Scholarship Foundation (QSF)

    USD 30,000

    donated annually to the Qalaa Financial Services Center at the American University in Cairo

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Environmental Sustainability


    29.1% reduction in the total amount of SO2 emissions as a result of cleaner Euro V diesel supplied by the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC)

    +300,000 tons

    of agricultural waste collected and processed in FY14 by solid waste management company Tawazon

  • Community Development

    Community Development

    13,000 feddans

    of farmland in Sudan are being rehabilitated by Wafra for local communities


    of agricultural yield at Sudanese agricultural producer, Wafra, is earmarked for the local community

  • Vocational Training

    Vocational Training

    500 welders

    trained by the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC)

  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement

    Over USD 100,000

    contributed by Africa Railways, Qalaa Holdings’s investment in the African railway sector, to a program that trains local residents in Kenya and Uganda in management and entrepreneurship

  • Human Capital Development

    Human Capital Development

    15,300+ beneficiaries

    received vocational training at ASEC Academy in addition to 60+ students who have enrolled at ASEC Enrolled for ASEC Engineering’s professional diploma at AUC