Qalaa Holdings’ Ghada Hammouda Among Top 50 Regional Storytellers on Forbes Middle East Magazine’s List of Most Impactful and Sustainable Marketing and Communications Professionals

Qalaa Holdings’ Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer was recognized among 50 of the most impactful marketing and communications professionals in the region building the most influential and sustainable brands in the Middle East

Qalaa Holdings (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Stock Exchange), an African leader in energy and infrastructure, is proud to announce that Ghada Hammouda, the company’s Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer, was recognized by Forbes Middle East Magazine alongside a distinguished group of 50 marketeers in the Middle East for her instrumental work in the field and her efforts in highlighting prominent issues such as climate change and environmental awareness, and bringing Qalaa’s responsible investment story to the forefront of the investment and business world. With more than 35 years of experience in marketing, Hammouda’s has had exposure to numerous industries internationally and locally.

“I am honored to be among such a distinguished group of colleagues in the field of marketing and communication not just in Egypt but throughout the region,” said Hammouda. “Over the years, corporate marketing and strategic brand management have become pivotal to ensuring the sustainable growth of institutions by building permanent partnerships with clients, overcoming crises and market challenges, and shaping growth stories to create shared value for all stakeholders.”

Under the title of “The Storytellers”, the list was developed to highlight the important role that marketeers play within their companies, which, according to Forbes Media Chairperson, Steve Forbes, is the single most important investment businesses can make. With the constant availability of media in today’s digital world and the public’s growing aversion to advertising, companies that cut through the noise and reach stakeholders on a level that engages them fully and creates valuable and sustainable impact are key to transforming the role of marketing as it stands today.

The list was compiled in order to recognize leaders in the profession, and was based on total industry experience, a company’s marketing budget, the number of employees within a department, and the scale and impact of campaigns carried under their leadership, as well as their relevance to ever-changing industry dynamics.

Hammouda joins 21 other women and eight other Egyptians on the list, but is the sole name to come from the financial sector, a challenging and traditionally male-dominated sector. Her inclusion on the list stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to Qalaa Holdings’ sustainable growth story as it continues to evolve in both size and scope as well as her efforts in driving the company to play a leading role in the business community to actively curb the impact of climate change. Hammouda has worked to weave the tenets of sustainable development into Qalaa’s marketing efforts, whether that’s been through the group’s commitment to positively impact the communities in which it operates or its alignment with global sustainable initiatives such as the UNGC and SDGs and has spearheaded multiple initiatives to promote sustainable development and prosperity for local communities.

“Qalaa Holdings’ development into an African investment powerhouse could not have been achieved without the effective and consistent development of our brand equity story. From building our Citadel Capital brand from the ground up to repositioning ourselves as Qalaa Holdings, the leading infrastructure and energy company in Africa, Ghada has worked diligently throughout the evolution of our investment and expansion strategy to build a recognizable and resilient brand equity story,” said Qalaa Holdings Chairman and Founder, Ahmed Heikal.

“The past few years have seen a major shift in our business climate, resulting from political, social, and environmental changes and challenges. We are now in a time where the role of companies in the advancement of societies is being redefined. A company’s story often gets lost as it evolves, so shaping narratives is an art and science that takes consistency and persistence as well as a commitment to aligning with trends and targets. It takes constant refinement to maintain the trust, relevance, and prominence when it comes to deepening relations between a corporation and its stakeholders,” said Hammouda. “The business community must adapt to the needs of the new decade by adopting strategic objectives and responsible investment strategies that transcend material returns and seek to reap sustainable returns in the economic, social, and environmental spheres that are able to benefit both the company and its surrounding communities.”

“Many companies have made great strides towards achieving sustainable growth yet often lack a sound communication strategy to accompany these achievements,” added Hammouda. “Institutions and boards today must invest in building an effective communication strategy that inspires the confidence of stakeholders in the company’s activities and its potential for success.”

Qalaa Holdings prides itself on the strength of its diverse management team. Gender equality (SDG#5) and economic empowerment for women are cornerstones of Qalaa's human capital development programs. Qalaa boasts a high number of women in leadership positions in both the holding company and its subsidiaries, with 25% female representation on its board of directors. More than 35% of managerial positions are also held by women across the group, many of whom have been recognized as some of the most influential women in Egypt and the MENA region.

Throughout her career, Hammouda has worked tirelessly in the field of marketing and sustainable development within the Egyptian business community and Africa. In 2019, Hammouda was among 30 women celebrated during the Egyptian Women Forum’s inaugural awards, having been recognized for her success in the financial and sustainability sectors and her commitment to mentoring Egyptian women and building a pipeline of female business leaders, thereby paving the way for Egypt’s economy to flourish through inclusive growth. In 2016, Hammouda was chosen among Egypt’s 50 Most Influential Women and has played an active role in bolstering gender equality through her ardent work in Egypt’s sustainable development space.

Qalaa Holdings (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Stock Exchange) is an African leader in energy and infrastructure. Qalaa Holdings builds responsible and sustainable businesses that add value to the economies and societies in which it does business. Formerly known as Citadel Capital, Qalaa Holdings controls subsidiaries in industries including Energy, Cement, Agrifoods, Transportation & Logistics, Mining and Printing & Packaging. To learn more, please visit

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