Qalaa Holdings Hosts Media Visit to Agrifoods Subsidiary Dina Farms Showcasing Agrifoods and Livestock Production Units with Milk Line Expansions and Upcoming New Yogurt Line Launch

Qalaa’s Investments in Dina Farms Have Reached EGP 500 mn to Date With EGP 400 mn in Planned Investments Within the Next Three Years

Qalaa Holdings, (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Exchange), an African leader in energy and infrastructure, hosted a media visit to its agrifoods subsidiary, Dina Farms, Egypt’s largest private sector farm with an agricultural footprint of c. 10,000 acres and a heard of 17,194 heads of cattle (pure Holstein). The visit comes as Dina Farms enters a new phase of growth and restructuring that has seen the company double its milk production capacity with an upcoming new yogurt production line that will double yogurt production capacity.

The company is currently focusing on four integrated business sectors including agriculture, livestock, dairy manufacturing, and a single farm retail outlet (ElShadr).

Dina Farms was originally acquired by Qalaa Holdings in 2007 and has today grown to become Egypt’s largest producer of fresh milk. The diary farm was originally established in 1987 with 300 Holstein Friesian heifers and will grow to include 17,194 heads of cattle and 8,529 milking cows by the end of 2019. Furthermore, Qalaa Holdings grew Dina Farms’ total cultivated land area by 40% since the acquisition.

Dina Farms plans to continue growing its herd over the coming period and is undertaking several initiatives to improve its productivity in milk production, including the installation of curtains and cooling systems at its milking stations. The drive to enhance productivity is expected to continue over the coming years and will substantially improve the company’s overall performance once completed.

ICDP, a subsidiary of Dina Farms that markets and distributes the company’s fresh milk products, has experienced steady growth since its establishment in 2010. Today ICDP is the leading market player in its category controlling c.70% of the fresh milk market in Egypt.

Efforts are also being undertaken to enhance the performance of Dina Farms’ agriculture segment with a key priority being the production of in-house animal feed to achieve 85% self sufficiency by 2020.

Qalaa Holdings’ investments in the agrifoods sector began in 2007 and were geared toward overcoming agricultural and food production challenges in Egypt and the region. The company’s strategy focuses on introducing new levels of specialization and consolidation into the market as it has done with Dina Farms. While the majority of Qalaa’s portfolio in the agrifoods sector has been successfully divested, it remains committed to Dina Farms, its key investment in the agrifoods sector owned under agrifoods platform company, Gozour.


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