Citadel Capital Scholarship Foundation Announces 2013/14 Scholars and Reaffirms Commitment to Provide Educational Opportunities for Egypt’s Youth

The Citadel Capital Scholarship Foundation, which provides financial assistance for talented young Egyptian students to study at elite global universities worldwide on condition they return home to Egypt to work in their chosen fields, announces its 2013/14 class of 11 scholars, at its 7th annual round of scholarships. Since its founding in 2007, the Foundation has awarded a total of 115 scholarships to students from 11 Egyptian governorates

“We are very proud that CCSF has grown to become one of the largest private-sector funded scholarship programs in Egypt,” said Ambassador Hussein El-Khazindar, Secretary General of the Board of Trustees of the Citadel Capital Scholarship Foundation. “As Egypt stands at a critical crossroads, there has never been a more important time to turn our attention to education. It is our sincere hope that the recipients of these scholarships will develop the necessary skills to not only put their expertise to work making a tangible difference in their respective fields, but to also transfer the knowledge that they have gained to others in the country.”

CCSF has sent scholars abroad to study in a wide variety of fields including medicine, engineering, architecture & design, telecommunications, environmental studies, molecular biology, economics, human rights, law, business, development and education.

“Despite the difficult times that Egypt is going through we have continued to deliver on our commitment to education and the development of human capital across the region. Our ability to create a new generation of young leaders is dependent upon how well we can educate our youth,” said Ahmed Heikal, Citadel Capital’s Chairman and Founder. “Each year CCSF aims to select some of Egypt’s brightest young scholars representing a diverse cross-section of majors not only in standard disciplines like engineering and business, but also in new fields such as renewable energy systems and water conservation, two areas that are crucial for Egypt going forward as the country struggles to come to terms with its energy and water crisis.

“Education is a primary area of focus as Citadel Capital looks to leave the communities in which we do business better than we found them,” added Heikal. “We believe education must have a national impact that is felt beyond major urban centers and are honored to have sponsored scholars from 11 different governorates, underscoring to Egyptian youth from all walks of life what is possible through hard work and ambition.”

Within education, Citadel Capital aims to be both sustainable and ‘agnostic’ at undertakings ranging from CCSF to the vocational training programs run by the firm’s platform and portfolio companies across its 15-country footprint.

“The Citadel Capital Scholarship Foundation, to take one example, is sustainable because it is backed by an endowment that has allowed us to send more than 100 bright young Egyptians abroad for graduate studies. All our programs are ‘agnostic’ because we do not fund education or vocational training strictly to benefit Citadel Capital and our platform companies, but rather our communities,” said Hisham El-Khazindar, Citadel Capital Co-Founder and Managing Director.

Similarly, the Citadel Capital Financial Services Center and the Khazindar Business Research and Case Studies Center at the American University in Cairo teach skills to people from all walks of life, the majority of whom will never intersect with Citadel Capital companies.

“If we don’t make serious reforms in our system of education, our pool of talent will remain limited. Our lawmakers must take action to reform our system of education, taking it from one that emphasizes rote learning to a new emphasis on in-demand skill sets, critical thinking, problem solving and communication. But governments alone cannot tackle this issue. It is also up to the private sector to take on initiatives to support education,” added El-Khazindar,. “It’s our hope that the opportunities that CCSF is providing to these young students will help them make significant contributions to their country in the future.”

Recipients of Citadel Capital Scholarships have attended top global institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Wharton, Pratt, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia universities in the United States; Oxford, Cambridge, the University of London, University College London and the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom; Lund University in Sweden; University of Heidelberg in Germany; University of Helsinki in Finland; Ghent University in Belgium; and ESADE Business School in Spain, among other top universities and institutes.

The 2013/14 Class of Citadel Capital Scholars includes:

Name University Field
Ahmed Shafik Zidan Imperial College, UK MSc, Exploration Geophysics
Muhammed Abdel Rehim Science Po, France MA Public Policy
Ahmed Attia Ibrahim Goldsmiths University, UK MA Documentary Film Making
Hany Abdel-Rahman ETH Zurich, Switzerland MSc Computer Science
Mohamed Ezz El Din Technical University of Munich, Germany MSc Informatics
Marwa Shumann Dundee, UK MSc Medical Education
Dena Medhat London School of Economics, UK MSc Development Studies
Mohamed Ragab Abdel-Hafez Cambridge, UK MSc Applied Mathematics
Ali Mohamed El Hakeem Wageningen, 


MSc Agriculture
Alia El Kady Columbia, USA MA Public Health
Ibrahim Malash Ghent University, Belgium MA Environmental Sanitation



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